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Eurogain offers a comprehensive range of accounting and bookkeeping services in Malaysia for your newly established or existing company. Our accountants can compile your accounts information monthly / quarterly or yearly for GST submission, annual statutory audit and corporate tax submission to IRB. We specialize in maintaining a timely accounting system that allows you to manage your accounts cost-effectively.

Package Fee for Bookkeeping Services in Malaysia
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Monthly Bookkeeping for Active Company  
Quarterly Bookkeeping for Active Company  
Yearly Bookkeeping for Active Company  
Yearly Bookkeeping for Dormant Company  
GST Submission and E-filing *  

* FREE GST E-filing on behalf of the company is provided only if you have engaged our Bookkeeping Service

All companies registered in Malaysia must keep proper books of accounts as stipulated by the Malaysia Companies Act. Good bookkeeping not only facilitates day-to-day account maintenance and auditing of financial statements for the submission of annual returns, but also provides insight for sound business decision-making as well as efficient financial management.

Advantage of Outsourcing

Lower the burden of having own finance department

Leads to cost saving

Able to focus on core operations

Can have better compliance with accounting standards and taxation legislation

Availability of professional accounting advise

Hassle free on finance personnel turnover and receive continuous services

Training Topic

Post SST Implementation Issues and its impact to Businesses


  • To highlight post implementation issues which affect businesses.
  • To assist you to understand the practical consideration on the post implementation issues.
  • To update Minister Reliefs and DG Decisions.
Learning Outcomes
  • Understand how SST implementation affects businesses and the practical notes can be considered to resolve the problems faced.

Business Start-up Using Website and Facebook


  • To assist new business start up on leverage on the website and Facebook.
  • To generate leads (and exposure) for your online or offline business.
  • To introduce Facebook as marketing tool and take you to the next level.
  • To harness the power of proven Facebook targeting strategies to build your fan base, engage with your community, generate leads and make more sales.
Learning Outcomes
  • Understand how GST implementation affects businesses and the practical notes can be considered to resolve the problems faced.
  • Have and in depth knowledge and understanding of marketing on Facebook.
  • Implement different Facebook marketing strategies to grow the page, get engagement and convert fans into buyers.
  • Learn how to maximize the potential the Facebook ad platform has to offer.
  • Master Facebook advertising tools and learn how to create a perfect target audience groups that are most interested, capable and willing to buy your product and target them with Facebook ads.
  • Get to know the hints, the tricks and tips to make Facebook works for your business.

Knowing your rights of Director and Shareholders in a business corporate worl


  • To assist participants understand the roles & rights of Directors and Shareholders.
  • To learn about how director initiate AGM & EGM.
Learning Outcomes
  • Have in depth knowledge on the purpose of existence of Directors and Shareholders.
  • Know the impact of non-compliance responsibilities by Directors and Shareholders.
  • Learn about tackling challenges with 3 relevant case studies.

Tax Implication of Budget Update , SST and Public Rulings Debrief


  • To assist participants understand various effective legal ways for tax planning methods.
  • To learn 10 strategies for profit maximization.
Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the role of offshore company, Non Tax-Deductible expenses under ITA, the Difference between accounting and tax profits.

SME Tax Planning Strategies And Profit Masimization


  • To instil the relevant accounting skills and explain various accounting treatments which is in accordance with MPERS and MFRS.
Learning Outcomes
  • Participants understand the importance skills required for daily accounting tasks -Have in depth knowledge of various accounting treatments for the preparation of the financial statements.

Treatments for Non-Executive Accounting Personnel


  • To identify the highlights of Budget 2016 and its impacts to businesses.
  • To provide the latest Public Rulings debrief to participants.
Learning Outcomes
  • Have better knowledge on the key highlights of Budget 2016 and public rulings by IRB.

Corporate Solution Outsourcing

Accounting Services

  • Setting up the chart of accounts.
  • Bookkeeping and general ledger accounting – full set of accounts.
  • Consolidation of group accounts.
  • Cash flow statement.
  • Budgeting/Forecasting.
  • Reconciliation services – Debtors/Creditors/Fixed Assets/Bank.
  • Liaising with auditors and tax agents for year-end audit and corporate tax computation.
  • Preparing statutory financial statements in compliance with Malaysian Financial Reporting Standards / Private Entity / Reporting Standards.
  • Review and finalisation services.

Accounting Related Services

Adhoc assignments

  • Work at an innovative and continuously improving company?
  • Get the best work experience with good supervision?
  • Be able to give the best advice to our clients?
  • Help businesses grow?

Staff Secondment

  • Assign employees to external sites when companies encounter accounting issues – either on short term or long term basis until replacement is found
  • Undertake administrative tasks when companies have limitation to increase headcount
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