At Eurogain, We believe in helping our clients to make their businesses grow. We are passionate about providing professional corporate services in formulating strategy systems and resources so as to have a powerful and positive impact on their businesses.

Vision statement of Eurogain

We aim to provide the best service possible for the benefits of our clients. In short, Eurogain will serve as a stepping stone in helping our clients to grow their businesses and a gateway that opens the path to the booming ASEAN market by leveraging on various smart partnerships. Besides constant innovation, we are committed to ensuring continuous improvement and development of our services and team.

Mission statement of Eurogain

  • To generate a powerful and positive impact on our client’s business and quality of life with our professional services that encompass strategies, systems and resources.
  • To encourage open and sincere communication and care deeply about our relationships with our team, clients and suppliers.
  • To strive for innovation and to be committed to the continuous improvement and development of our team and services.
  • To measure our success from the endorsements received from our clients who engage our services.
  • To respect and recognise the efforts of our team and provide them with an opportunity to grow and share the success of our organisation.

Multi-Disciplinary Practice Group

We have repositioned ourselves since the year 2000 and made the transition from being a traditional accounting and consulting firm to a full service Multi Disciplinary Practice, or MDP as we call it.A MDP promotes the sharing of information and coordination of professional services, which makes accounting and consulting services more effective and cost efficient.We understand that our clients are looking for assistance that goes beyond traditional services. In the wake of globalization, there is now a need for businesses to enhance technology development, trade competition, financial support, recruitment of qualified staff, tax reformation, understanding corporate cultures for the overall improvement of the quality of life.

Corporate History

Eurogain was established in 1996 by Felicia Lee and subsequently with Kevin Kiew’s support, they formed :

EUROGAIN CONSULTING GROUP SDN. BHD. – 200301035836 (638257-V)
EUROGAIN SECTA SDN. BHD. – 201101034021 (962156-X)

Initially we only provided secretarial services, but the organization subsequently expended to provide a variety of related business services. This included bookkeeping, taxation and consulting services. In 1999 our office moved from Jalan Masjid India to Phoenix Business Park.In 2000 we implemented strategic planning methods in our organization. We expanded our human resource to include more professional consultants and commenced Multi Disciplinary Practice concept with diversified consulting businesses. We have created smart partnership with professionals in other specialized business fields to provide better service to our clients.At the moment the staffs is over 40 and we have over 5000 square foot occupied. Together with our team of qualified, dedicated and efficient staff, the company’s client’s base has increased in progressive rates every year.