Alliance Digital SME

Hey there! Are you ready to grow your business by Expansion, Digitisation, Improving cash flow, Increase inventory, and Marketing? Look no more as Alliance Digital SME is here for you!!!


Collateral-free financing up to RM500,000

Up to 7 years to repay

Flat-rate interest as low as 5.90p.a.

1 document to apply online

No branch visits required

No hidden fees & charges

Financing Amount:

Minimum RM20,000 to RM50,000

Eligibility Criteria:

Minimum RM50,000 annual business revenue

Minimum 1 year* in business operation

*Subject to the Bank’s credit assessment


Business entity is registered in Malaysia.

Company Director/Shareholder to apply.

Minimum 51% shareholding by Malaysians.

Latest 6 months company bank statements (in PDF)*.

All company shareholders/directors are required to be loan guarantors.

*Other supporting documents may be required, subject to the Bank’s discretion.

Click here to apply: